Grażyna, Opole

I found out about the clinic from the internet search engine, and the reason for using the procedure in the office of MEDMIX would be the process of baldness growing for several years, mainly on the top of the head. Hence the idea of ​​undergoing hair transplantation.
I positively assess the knowledge and competence of the physician performing the procedure (MD, PhD Michał Maczała). During the consultation, he gave all the information about the planned surgery, sending earlier on the series of studies excluding the diseased background of the phenomenon of baldness. He also answered all questions in detail.
The assistant staff were two assistants who were calling their profession. Nice, sympathetic, compassionate, willing to help. I consider the level of patient service as a model. It works nicely with open, kind and direct people, especially when the patient is overwhelmed by the new situation and uncertain. The owner of MEDMIX p. Marzena Dubas showed me a lot of heart, answering every phone call, every request for clarifying doubts, just warmly caring for me. Providing accommodation in a hotel and a taxi to and from the treatment, lunch during a treatment break – these are further examples confirming the exemplary level of customer service. The quality of services provided does not require changes. I recommend MEDMIX to anyone struggling with trichological problems.
High quality at an affordable price. This is the best service advertisement.


I found out about the MD MEDMIX Clinic from the Google search engine.
I chose the MD MEDMIX clinic because of the customer service and approach (the topic was taken right after the notification, as a potential patient I could easily feel that the clinic / doctor was actually interested in my problem), other clinics simply did not match, and their approach pointed to the subject matter being treated, and the most affordable and even the most advantageous price played a significant role here.
I assess the knowledge and competence of the doctor performing the procedure very well. The doctor clearly presented all the details about the procedure, no problem answered the additional questions. Assistant staff also at a high level, I have no comments on this. The level of customer service was satisfactory, ladies polite, smiling and eagerly joked to relieve some stress associated with the procedure . The scope of information obtained on the day of the surgery, but also as a postoperative care was wide and without reservations. I do not notice changes that could improve feelings in contact with the clinic.

Adam, England

I want to thank very much MD MEDMIX for great service. I found your clinic on the internet in a hair transplant search. As probably a lot of people I took into account the price, because these treatments are generally expensive and it is always a burden on the household budget. You have very attractive prices and even I was afraid that this may be the reason for poor quality of services. I was very pleasantly surprised that the attractive price was also associated with a very professional service. Very easy e-mail communication, very nice, clean and modern office, nice staff, very good doctor. The treatment was also fantastic, without pain, in a nice atmosphere. It had to be done professionally because I could get back to a normal life right away – no swelling on the face, no bruises etc. I am convinced that the hair will also grow well in transplant places.
I do not know what else you could improve because I can only give 10 out of 10 possible in all respects – a very high European standard of services – and I’m not a person who will be content with anything.
I am very happy that I have used your services and I can recommend your clinic to anyone who hesitates the decision.
I wish you successes.

Zbigniew, Szczecin

I found out about MD MEDMIX from the internet from and YouTube. The reason for using the surgery in the MEDMIX office was and are very good opinions of patients before and after hair transplantation. On the MD MEDMIX website, hair clinic is enough about Miss Marzena Dubas Clinic, which is the owner. The videos on YouTube present virtually everything for those interested in hair transplantation from consulting the doctor through the procedure and after the procedure and the feelings of the patient.
Ms. Marzena is very well contact by phone and e-mail. She is a very competent person and it convinced me to perform the procedure at the MD MEDMIX Clinic.
Dr Michał Paczkowski made me a hair transplant surgery using the FUE method, I had 1,500 units transplanted. In my opinion, it is a very competent doctor. Doctor Paczkowski explained in detail the process of the entire procedure and its consequences. I was very impressed with the sincerity of the doctor who did not color the treatment and the effects after the procedure. First of all, he provided me with information about possible side effects in the receiving and receiving areas. I know, no one wants to hear such information, but it just convinced me that I came here.
After consultation and time to think about the procedure, I decided without hesitation to MD MEDMIX Clinic and doctor Michał Paczkowski. I think that I made a good choice.
The knowledge and competence of the Assistant Personnel was at a high level. Thank you for being a patient at this clinic.
High level of patient service, kindness and kindness and willingness to help I assess the clinic very well.
I obtained comprehensive information about the treatments and treatment options provided.
Yours faithfully, Zbigniew.

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