The most common cause of post-traumatic baldness are mechanical injuries, head surgeries, burns, radiotherapy. Post-traumatic scars are treated with various methods.

Very often before the hair transplant surgery, the skin on the scar is specially prepared to increase the effect of receiving the transplanted hair. For this purpose, stem cells harvested from fat and enriched with platelet-rich plasma are administered at the implant site . This procedure is performed a few months before the planned transplantation. The purpose of this treatment is to prepare an appropriate “substrate” for the transplant.

Hair transplantation in the place of scars:

In the case of small scars without hair, the best effect is treatment with hair transplantation. In large scars, a better effect is obtained using the expander technique. An expander is like a silicone bag gradually filled with physiological saline. After a few months, it reaches a lot of sizes, thanks to which a patch is made to fill the area after the post-traumatic scar removal.

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