Frequently asked questions

I am interested in doing a hair transplant surgery how can I qualify for surgery?
To qualify for the procedure, you must have an on-line or personal consultation. On-line consultations are carried out on the basis of photos and questions contained in the questionnaire. To do this, complete the questionnaire, which can be found on the clinic’s website and send photos, items for photos are also shown in the questionnaire. However, a personal consultation can be held at the clinic’s headquarters in Bielsko-Biała, Warsaw and Krakow. In Warsaw, consultations take place once a month, and in Krakow after the registration of several people.

I am after a hair transplant surgery, some time has passed, and I still feel the lack of feeling on the scalp.
Such a symptom is not disturbing, lack of sensation results from the given anesthesia. Lack of feeling of the entire area covered by the procedure or partially can be felt for several months after the procedure.

CI suffer from hypertension or can I undergo surgery?
Hypertension is not a contraindication for surgery, however, it must be stabilized, i.e. it should be adjusted with tablets.

I have heart disease, can I undergo surgery?
It depends on the medicines you are taking, because some heart medicines thin the blood and can not be combined with the adrenaline that is given during the procedure.

I am treated for depression and I am taking anti-depressants or can I undergo surgery?
It depends on the medicines you are taking, because some medicines can not be combined with lignocaine, or the medicine for anesthesia, which is given during the procedure.

I am two weeks after surgery and I have headaches.
Headaches are not the result of a hair transplant surgery. Check your blood pressure or contact your family doctor

It took several weeks after the procedure and I noticed that my hair transplanted with the onions fell out, does it mean that these hair will no longer grow out?
Dropping of implanted hair is a normal symptom, all hair can fall out, some of the transplanted hair may fall out, or they may not fall at all. If the hair falls out with the onion, nothing is dangerous, because the hair remains in the skin and it produces “new” hair.

Is a beard graft performed when there is no facial hair?
In the case of total lack of facial hair, its complete reproduction is not possible. The area of ​​the cheeks is a difficult base for implantation. The beard graft surgery is performed only in the case of thickening of the existing beard.

For some time I have noticed the deepening of the bends. Since when should I start treatment?
Treatment should take place immediately, because the sooner it starts, the slower it will go, and there is a greater chance of stimulating the hair follicles to grow. In the first place we use pharmacological treatment or smaller treatments.

I would like to have a hair transplant, but I’m afraid other people will notice it.
The effect of the treatment, that is, the transplanted hair look the same as the others, have the same color, structure, angle of inclination, direction of growth. However, the effects of the treatment are visible directly a few days after the procedure. They are swelling, visible wounds healing after collecting the bellows and scabs at the implant site. The swelling disappears after 2-3 days, and the scars heal after about 7-10 days. In the case when the patient has longer hair, leave it for possible camouflage. However, the donor site must be shaved, ie the occiput and the temporal or temporal areas, but here, after a week, the hair grows gradually, obscuring the place of collection.

Why is hair transplant so cheap in the MEDMIX clinic?
Worldwide, hair transplant treatments are one of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures. At MEDMIX, the procedure is very cheap. The question arises as to why and whether the low price is associated with poorer quality ?. This is not true. We use modern methods and tools for the treatment. However,    from the beginning of MEDMIX, the goal was to perform treatments at affordable prices for the patient. We want to help as many patients as possible. MEDMIX does not invest in expensive advertising campaigns, because our patients are the best advertisement.

How long does the treatment take?
The time of the procedure can last 5-10 hours. The time of surgery
depends on the amount of transplanted hair, on the degree of bleeding, on the properties of the patient’s skin. The collected hair follicles must be implanted within 6 hours from the time of collection. They stay all the time   in cold and in normal saline. The largest safe number of bellows units to be transplanted in one session is about 2,000.

Will the hair in the pick-up place grow?
The hair does not grow in the place where the hair is collected, because the hair is taken together with the wart of the hair, thanks to which the hair grows. It is necessary for the hair to grow at the site of implantation. Therefore, the area of ​​collection is quite large, and the hair is collected in the distance. After collecting, the millimeter holes will close and the place will not be visible.

How is your stay organized before and after the treatment?
During the whole stay, the patient is under the care of the clinic. For patients who come from distant regions of Poland, we provide a hotel stay. The patient is provided with transport to the clinic and transport after the procedure. After the treatment, we provide 24 hours contact with the clinic.

I am a woman and have a very high forehead, can you do something about this problem?
You can do a hair transplant to lower the forehead line. However, this line must be natural. For this purpose, the doctor during the consultation visit makes face measurements and establishes such a line.

I have a very large area devoid of hair, I would like to perform a transplant, but I do not know if it is possible for financial reasons.
The treatment is possible, because we offer several options: you can make a payment for the treatment in installments, because we work with the bank to grant loans on preferential terms, you can perform the surgery in several sessions in the time convenient for the patient. If the financial possibilities do not allow you to perform the whole procedure then we perform a transplant surgery in   scope of payment options, and the remaining part is supplemented by a cheaper micropigmentation procedure .

I have a very large area without hair and thin hair at the place of collection.
In this case, the procedure can only be performed within the scope of the place of the place of supply, so as not to make a large thinning. Then, the transplantation procedure is completed with the micropropmeting method using the compaction method. This method allows for natural coverage of the clearances.

How quickly can you get back to work after the procedure?
There are no restrictions and the number of days to return to work. This period depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the nature of the work. If the work is light, there is no need to wear a headgear, the return may take place within 4-5 days. However, when the patient performs hard physical work or wears a headgear, ie a cap, a bonnet, a helmet, it is possible to return to work after about 2-3 weeks.

Is it possible to spread the payment for surgery in installments?
Yes, but the clinic does not give loans. We work in this area with the bank. The loan offer is on preferential terms, on the statement, without unnecessary documents.   The entire procedure is carried out on site at the clinic.

I have longer hair or will I have to shave my hair for the whole head?
There is no need to shave your hair all over your head. It is necessary to shave the hair in the area of ​​the occiput, the remaining hair in the place of collection and implantation may be longer. For small treatments 1000-1200 grafts possible hock thin strips and download grafts of these areas in greater density.

I am 70 years old and would like to perform the procedure or are there age restrictions in the scope of the procedure?
The age itself is not an obstacle or a contraindication for a hair transplant. The condition of body hair and overall health is important (contraindication is eg advanced diabetes and unstable pressure).

I would like to do a hair transplant surgery what are the payment methods?
After booking the date of the procedure, the patient pays a deposit of PLN 2,000, based on the signed preliminary contract.   The remaining amount due is paid on the day of the surgery. Payments can be made by cash or by credit card. If the patient uses a bank loan it is not necessary to pay an advance payment, the bank transfers the receivable directly to the clinic’s account.

I am a woman and recently I noticed hair loss and thinning if I can do a hair transplant?
This is how we perform hair transplant treatments in women, however, in the case of female baldness, the qualification for surgery is preceded by a broader study. The cause of hair loss and thinning should be found in the first place, because such symptoms often accompany internal diseases, eg thyroid disease, gynecological disorders, hormonal disorders, anemia. Thyroid disease or   other hormonal disorders do not constitute a contraindication to the procedure, however, they must be treated by an endocrinologist. During the consultation visit, the doctor will commission you to perform the necessary tests.
In addition, the hair transplant surgery is the final procedure, in the first place we recommend using medical treatments using stem cells, platelet-rich plasma , vitamin cocktails.

Can my hair fall out after the transplant? What to do in this case, can it be prevented?
Sometimes it happens that the hair begins to fall out excessively, they undergo the so-called post- surgical shock . This is telogen effluvium and hair will then grow. In order to strengthen the hair, it is recommended to use Loxon , we also sell shampoos and conditioners against hair loss.

I would like to perform a hair transplant surgery in the area of ​​the bends, what will happen in the future when I continue to be bald?
The hair transplant treatment cures the effects of balding but does not inhibit the process of further hair loss. It is very important to properly analyze the genetic predisposition, the age of the patient, so that the procedure is right and plan for possible future treatments. Sometimes, patients at a very young age first apply pharmacological treatment and then after a certain period of time performs a transplant. That is why the consultation-personal visits are very accurate, the doctor thoroughly analyzes the course of baldness and makes recommendations.

I have very thin hair all over my head if I can do a hair transplant.
Theoretically, a hair transplant procedure is possible, however, in the case of thick and thin hair, the treatment is often not possible. Density of hair prevents the implantation of new hair follicles, it may damage natural hair. In order to strengthen the structure of the hair it is recommended to perform treatments in the field of hair medicine – mesotherapy with needle stem cells, platelet-rich plasma , cocktails. Each patient requires an individual approach.

When the effects of the treatment are visible.
The first effects of the treatment are visible after 3-4 months, the final effect of the treatment will be visible after about 12-18 months. It depends on individual biological factors. Implanted hair falls out in about 4 weeks. Do not be stressed because of this, it is part of the transplant process. You will need a bit of patience to see the whole effect of hair transplantation, but the results achieved remain throughout your life.

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