MD MEDMIX clinic is a clinic that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to hair and scalp. We carry out diagnostics and treatment of problems such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia caused by systemic diseases, alopecia areata, scalp psoriasis, scalp mycosis, seborrhea, dandruff, excessive hair loss of unknown origin. The owner of MD MEDMIX is Marzena Dubas-analyst and diagnostician in the field of trichology .
The medical team is made up of Marzena Dubas, Dr n.med. Michał Paczkowski- surgeon, specialist in restorative hair surgery and hair treatment procedures, medicine med. Natalia Nowara- Lauritano – doctor during the specialization in surgery, specialist in hair restoration surgery and aesthetic medicine. In the treatment of problems associated with hairy scalp, the clinic cooperates with a dermatologist and in the treatment of psychological problems with a specialist psychologist.

Marzena Dubas is also the person who manages the cabinet, he deals with marketing, takes care of formal matters of the cabinet, supervises assistant and nursing staff, and deals with contacts with patients.
Dr. Paczkowski n.med.Michał and Dr. Natalia Nowara- Lauritano addition to treatments of surgery odt ox hair rczej also performs medicine treatment of hair.
All combine their professional passions and knowledge gained as a result of many years of work with patients who have problems with the scalp. We use complementary solutions in the fight against hair loss. In addition to hair transplant treatments, we stimulate the growth of new hair, we perform treatments that inhibit the miniaturization of the hair follicles. Caring for the highest treatment standards Marzena Dubas, dr n. Med. Michał Paczkowski, Dr. Natalia Nowara- Lauritano and other clinic staff participate in training, seminars, getting to know modern treatment techniques.

MD MEDMIX is a modern facility specializing in the treatment of hairy scalp and hair disorders. During the procedure, the patient is treated individually, each doctor performs one hair transplantation every day, the doctors carry out the whole hair transplant procedure personally with the help of the assistant team.
Thanks to advanced equipment, we perform microscopic examination of the scalp and microscopic assessment of the condition of bellows and hair shaft. After a thorough analysis of the performed tests, we select the best treatment method for a given patient. However, in people struggling with baldness, we carry out hair transplantation using the FUE method. We perform hair transplantation with the help of equipment and tools that provide a small amount of damage to the grafts of the hair.
An important advantage is the doctor performing the procedures, because the surgeon’s efficient hands can not be replaced by any device, and our theoretical and practical knowledge was acquired by the largest specialists
in the field of hair restoration surgery.
In MD MEDMIX, you can also undergo baldness masking, scar removal after transplant surgery, thinning density, and alopecia areata by performing micropigmentation of the scalp. Treatments are performed using the follicular hair simulation method.
MD MEDMIX is a place where patients can beautify their appearance and take care of their hair, and as a result improve their mood and mood. MD MEDMIX is the only place that, having many years of experience, deals with comprehensive treatment of hair loss problems and their diagnosis. To provide patients with a full range of services, we cooperate with specialists in the field of dermatology, endocrinology and psychology.

If you have problems with your hair, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will help you solve them.

Marzena Dubas, MA

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